4/10/20 Update: Hopewell PD: Still No Reponse!!!!!!!

4/10/20 Update: Hopewell PD: Still No Reponse!!!!!!!

4/10/20 Update: Hopewell PD: Still No Reponse!!!!!!!4/10/20 Update: Hopewell PD: Still No Reponse!!!!!!!4/10/20 Update: Hopewell PD: Still No Reponse!!!!!!!

Holding accountable those who have enabled Mark Amantia to sexually abuse young girls.

**AMANTIA on "leave" from classroom**


EMAIL TIPS to: TIPS@hvrsdMeToo.org

Hopewell PD Stonewalling

Even after being advised numerous times there are witnesses, and even after requesting info from  their Chief, their detective, and via the NJ Open Records laws, PD is silent. Even emails to Mayor and Deputy Mayor have not yielded response, let alone results. While we have a very incriminating recording to release, we will hold onto that for the right time. IN the interim we will explore a court  against the township to compel their legally mandated response.


Article: Warning Signs- Educator Sexual Abuse

Worth a read for anyone who is a parent, caregiver or educator

This is an extremely informative article well-worth the 5 minute time spent reading. If only to identify abuser patterns to protect your loved ones:


A different pattern at the elementary level is for a male teacher to choose a female student as a class monitor or class helper. For example, a music teacher might select one of the outstanding musicians and tell her she’s more capable than others in the class. He compliments her maturity and has her stay after school. Soon, the female student and the teacher are well known to each other. The teacher continues to fl atter and charm, and the girl feels special. Soon, the teacher touches the girl and, over time, increases the sexual nature of the touch. By this time, the child trusts and cares for the teacher, and the teacher exploits that trust and sexually victimizes the student.....


A typical example is the case of a 6th-grade girl whose friend reported the abuse, ultimately leading to the teacher’s arrest. Other teachers wore armbands in support of their colleague and collected money from students and parents to support his legal defense, including collecting money in the female victim’s classroom, in front of her. Other teachers called her a “slut” and accused her of “trying to ruin the career of a good man.” The accused teacher confessed to sexually abusing the student. The female victim left the school because she was harassed daily by adults and students. Although the teacher was arrested and lost his teaching license, the treatment of the victim by other adults in the school caused additional damage.....

Today we say "Thank You"



Today we are thankful for your support, and following us in this fight. We are thankful that Mark Amantia is suspended from the classroom where he can victimize no more. We are thankful for the brave survivors that have come forward. And we are truly thankful that justice is coming. 

11/24 update- BOE Meeting video posted Below


This is the full video from the 11/18 HVRSD Board meeting. A terrible night for Tom Smith and Tony Suozzo, and a great night for the truth.

  • 55:38- Victim #2 comes forward with her story
  • 58:55 Previous "Investigation" is debunked
  • 1:05:50-Victim #3 comes forward with her story
  • 1:08:29- Victim's Father highlights Tom Smiths lies
  • 1:11:48- Victim "Student S" mother's emotional statement
  • 1:25:16- Victim "Student S" employer statement

Where we are (12/1/2019)


Productive month...

Productive month...

Productive month...

Productive month...

Productive month...

We have had almost 16,000 page views in less than a month. This is absolutely vital towards our goal of finding additional witnesses and victims of Amantia's sexual misconduct. THANK YOU. Please spread the word, and pledge support for all who choose to tell their story.

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