Who we are

We have numerous reasons to believe that Mark Amantia has been using his position at Timberlane Middle School as a means to abuse young girls for at least 15 years. We also believe that members of the administration have been aware of it for most, if not all, of that time.


If anyone has further information on any victims of Mark Amantia or any other HVRSD staff member, please send us an email at: tips@hvrsdmetoo.org   

We aim to hold accountable those who have enabled Mark Amantia to sexually abuse young girls during his tenure as a social studies teacher and athletics coordinator at Timberlane Middle School.

This organization’s sole reason to exist is to hold Hopewell Valley Regional School District (HVRSD) accountable for the sexual abuse of children by its staff. Mark Amantia has been the subject of multiple investigations for a course of conduct against children. Some of the alleged actions include: pushing genitalia up against girls, rubbing of various areas of girls’ bodies, toying with jewelry and hair, giving back rubs (some aggressively), pinning children against the classroom doorway, emotional and verbal harassment, and exposure of his genitalia and sexual assault in a locked classroom.  


Amantia was teaching Social Studies and coordinating athletics at Timberlane Middle School until he was placed on leave beginning November 11th. The district is currently seeking a “long term” substitute.


The families running this site are being assisted/advised (on pro bono personal time) by an experienced federal criminal investigator with almost 20 years of experience. Any information will be handled professionally with strict confidence and with the utmost regard for your confidentiality.


We are interested in learning of anyone in the HVRSD administration who has covered up these crimes, or failed to report them as mandated when reported by survivors. We are aware that this type of activity has occurred. These enablers might include: 

- Current/former building principals 

           (including Rosetta Treece)

- Assistant Superintendent Anthony Suozzo

- Superintendent Thomas Smith